Meet Matilda Joseph Oluwafunto, The Lady Who Started Modelling At The Age of 10 || @_goddess_mo

  • Meet Matilda Joseph Oluwafunto, The Lady Who Started Modelling At The Age of 10 || @_goddess_mo

    Meet Matilda Joseph Oluwafunto, The Lady Who Started Modelling At The Age of 10 || @_goddess_mo 1 720

    Matilda Joseph Oluwafunto, 20 years of age is a student of The Oke Ogun Polytechnic, Saki studying Building Technology, a model, jovial, and lovable person. Speaking with Abayomi Adekunle, CEO Exclusiveclue, she made it known that she has been into modeling since she was 10 years. The goal-oriented and very hardworking lady ride us through her journey so far.

    When did you start modeling?

    Started at the age of 10 for Kids Magazine

    How did you feel when you modeled for Kids Magazine and was that where you got your motivation from?

    I felt so great and ecstatic. I got my motivation from my mom, she would always praise me for my stature and would make up for me when I was little and I’d walk around the house feeling fly, so my mom gave me the greatest motivation ever.

    How have you been coping with modeling and schooling?

    So far, I’ve been able to balance it well making sure my grades are not affected by my passion.

    Which Model are you aspiring to work with and who’s the best model you’ve worked with so far?

    I really want to work with Mayowa Nicholas, she’s super beautiful and talented while the best model I’ve worked with so far is Timi Odunsi a friend and also a great model.

    Are you open for gigs in and outside Nigeria?

    In Nigeria, Yes. Outside Nigeria, I wish. If I had the opportunity, I will because that would be a great opportunity for me.

    Asides Modeling, what do you do?

    I make waistbeads and currently, I’m currently learning manicure and pedicure.

    What do you do during your leisure?

    I don’t do much, but I mostly read novels and listen to music

    You’ve been a model for at least 10 years now, what are the advantages and disadvantages of modeling you’ve learned so far?

    One of the advantages is that it gives self-encouragement like I know I’m pretty because if not why would they be so focused on me.

    Also, it is also a great opportunity to work on my body.

    Some of the disadvantages is not getting paid, being treated like an item instead of a human being, constant casting and constant rejection, and no stable income.

    Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

    I see myself all over the world, my face on billboards, magazines, television.

    What is your advice for upcoming Models?

    My advice for them is to encourage the word NO cause they are going to be getting that word a lot but keep it at the back of their mind that someday, one gracious day they are going to get the casting of their dreams and always chin up with their head up high. They should have no negative thoughts, be prayerful, and keep moving forward.

    What are your social media handles?

    Instagram: @_southside_goddess

    Tiktok: @southside_goddess

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